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In Thoughts Of You framed art print


In Thoughts Of You

In Thoughts Of You framed art print – Framed art Print by the artist Jack Vettriano.

A brilliant example of Vettriano’s style, In Thoughts of You shows a smartly dressed woman gazing out of a bay window. Dressed in black and tall high heels the woman’s appearance is in striking contrast to the calm white that fills the room. With the woman painted side on and her expression a mystery the work has all the intrigue you’d expect from a Vettriano.

In Thoughts Of You

Framed size 61 x 75 cm.

The image area measures 49 × 63 cm .

Available as unframed print  40 by 50 cm

Grey ash

Carefully selected North American ash, sourced from the northern states, where the temperate climate ensures a slow growth rate. The resulting timber is ideal for picture framing, with a consistent colour and grain. The source forests are managed sustainably, in line with international standards. The timber is milled in the UK. Each frame is created in our own workshop. Grey paint and sealing wax are applied and finished by hand.

Framed / unframed

Framed print 61 x 75 cm, Unframed print 40 by 50 cm


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